Friday, September 21, 2012

Ick and Fear

Sometimes I wish I didn't have access to so much information. I mean, there is only so much time and energy in the day to deal with the stuff in front of me (or in my head), much less to take in and deal with the stuff happening all over the world, or in my own city or neighborhood even.

I can't believe how much ick is out there. It's downright depressing. My self-centered nature just wants to hide.

But others don't.

How in the world do people even get it into their heads that they could make a difference in the midst of it all? Do they not have that voice telling them that nothing they do is really going to matter anyway; that no one wants to hear their opinion? Are they truly not afraid of criticism or being wrong?

I'm amazed when I randomly jump from blog to blog how many things people can believe in passionately from politics to social issues or whatever. And often the things they choose to speak out about aren't necessarily things I would agree with, but just the fact that they believe in it and feel the need to address it publicly is amazing. It's impressive and overwhelming that they are willing to take on more than what is immediately in front of them; to go beyond their current little sphere of influence; to think that what they have to say or what they think might make a change; to risk getting on a soapbox and be seen and heard.

And I'm afraid to even put my name on my blog when I am blogging about virtually nothing.

I hate fear.

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