Sunday, May 20, 2007

This Week's Recap

I've meant to blog all week. So here it is.

Sunday, Mother's Day: I proudly wore my Mother's Day gift from Michael (7) to church, a one-of-a-kind volcano and fireball necklace that he made in school. I got many compliments. Right after church we went to two soccer games and then DH mowed his grandpa's yard. Then we had Wendy's take-out and that was it.

Monday: I took care of the baby and Jonathan (5) helped. He sang "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sle-eep little Am-a-lee", a Jonathan original.

Tuesday: I put together a couple of concepts for a website I've been hired to do. Both kids were at school. After work, DH threw the baseball with Michael for what seemed over an hour. He is improving.

Wednesday: DH took Michael to school before Jonathan even woke up. While he was still sleeping, I went outside and the weather seemed great. I witnessed an all-out national geographic cat chase/fight. I could hear the resident woodpecker. Nature was calling me to get some outdoor chores done. I decided to pull weeds. Jonathan finally emerged from the house. We spent the rest of the morning in the yard together. I would give him any worms I found, and he would play with them for a bit before burying them again.

At one point a robin landed quite close to us pecking around for insects and worms. We sat very still and it got so close that it snatched up one of the worms Jonathan had just buried and ate it in front of us. We discussed how she was probably going to go feed her babies. After about 3 hours I decided we had worked hard enough so we went inside.

That evening, Michael had a baseball game and hit the ball and got on base 3 times during the game and made it around the bases once. His last time up to bat, a freak wind storm came through. I was running for cover, but it didn't even phase him...he hit the ball and got on base. He's a lot tougher than I am. This same evening Jonathan had soccer practice and then his first T-ball game. So here's the funny thing. Jonathan was up to bat at the same time Michael was during that freak windstorm just one field diagonal from us. He also got a hit (not using the T).

In the middle of the night things started getting weird for me. My muscles were on fire and I couldn't sleep. I ended up tossing and turning on the couch and I think allergies triggered from the wind were making me feel slightly sick.

Thursday: I took Tylenol for my muscle aches since I was supposed to watch the baby (not my regular day). She had a cold and couldn't get comfortable, and I had been up all night and was not feeling 100%. She needed much nurturing and I just needed a nap. Her mom came for her 10:00 am meal and decided to take her to back to work with her. I felt bad, but I felt bad. I went to bed. That night I sat outside through another baseball game. I took Tylenol PM for the muscle aches, but ended up being awake most of the night with a queasy stomach.

Friday: I called early to cancel the baby sitting since I felt like I was going to hurl. DH realized after he got ready for work that I wasn't going to get out of bed and get the kids ready and take them to school. I think I just figured I'd let them stay home. He took it upon himself to get them dressed, fed, pack there lunches and took them to school without saying a word to me. God bless him, because I finally made the mad dash to the bathroom. Nothing was in my stomach, but I felt better and slept all morning. I was afraid to eat much, so I was tired and weak the rest of the day. I ate a little dinner and slept great.

Saturday: I woke up early, feeling great. DH coached Michael's soccer practice and then we had another overlapping baseball and t-ball game. The weather was great at the beginning but got cool and windy toward the end. My allergies, again, were all messed up and I felt sick the rest of the day. I didn't sleep much last night. But got a lot of good Bible reading and praying done on the couch.

Sunday (today): Must have been feeling emotional from the week so I had a girl moment in front of the whole church while singing with the praise team. Nice and humiliating.

I find the best way to avoid some of that is not think about the words while I'm singing. Today, of course, I let my guard down and listened to what I was singing. It was "We Will Dance" which has become one of my favorite songs and sometimes, after you have one of those weeks, you just can't help yourself looking forward to The Day. Here are the words:

Sing a song of celebration
Lift up a shout of praise
For the Bridegroom will come
The glorious One
And oh, we will look on His face
We’ll go to a much better place

Dance with all your might
Lift up your hands and clap for joy
The time’s drawing near
When He will appear
And oh, we will stand by His side
A strong, pure, spotless bride

We will dance on the streets that are golden
The glorious bride and the great Son of man
From every tongue and tribe and nation
Will join in the song of the Lamb

Copyright © 1993 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing. All rights reserved.
International copyright secured.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Business Plan

Today in the car on the way home, the kids outlined a business plan for when they grow up.

They are disappointed that their XBOX game "Battlestations Midway" won't allow for more than one player unless you play online (which they are NOT allowed to do). So in order to remedy the situation, they have planned to create their own "XBOX factory" where they would design a better "Battlestations Midway" in which you could play several people at a time.

Michael (7) said he would be the boss since he is the oldest and run the company which would have 1000 workers. He would give orders to Jonathan (5) who agreed and said he, Jonathan, would be the engineer to build the factory building as well as the manager in charge of making white controllers. (Jonathan is on an "engineer" kick and has asked about what all engineers do because he wants to be one...however, since there are so many different kinds of engineers, he is having trouble narrowing it down).

Michael said he would be in charge of making colored controllers. And the game would have 21 levels with some easier ones for 5 year olds (the game has been hard for Jonathan to learn).

I guess the next step is to go to the bank for a loan.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I just sat down to write and there was a big thump over head. I just about jumped out of my skin. The boys are wrestling in the living room and my "office" is directly beneath.

I'm actually not really sure what I'm going to write about. Every now and then, I have an idea that I think it might be fun to share with someone or the kid's have a funny or not so funny moment that I think, "I need to blog that". However, when I get a chance to sit down, I draw a blank.

Even so, I will start with the latest. Today Michael got in trouble at school again for being apart of a group that was teasing another kid. We had the talk about what if it were you. You need to think before you act or speak to make sure you are not hurting someone else. This is part of becoming a grown up, etc. But to tell you the truth, at this point (this being the third time he along with other kids have gotten in trouble at school within the last two weeks), I'm just ready to chalk it up to end of the school ants-in-his-pants and hope that summer will take care of some of it.

Speaking of trouble, I got pulled aside by a teacher yesterday when picking Jonathan up so she could tell me about this huge tantrum he had that day. Something about he wanted to play with P-- but T-- beat him to him. He is one of three boys who play together all day. But sometimes when two want to do something and the other one doesn't, it becomes a competition. Fortunately, she said that was his only problem that day and the rest of the day was great.

So that was today and Tuesday. Oh yeah, on Monday Michael got 3 for 3 hits at his baseball game and made it around the bases once to score. (This is not a homerun, mind you. It usually takes about 3-4 kids coming up to bat for one person to clear home plate.) I overheard a dugout conversation. One kid took a poll of who was wearing a cup. There is one girl on the team.

Which brings up another little story, Michael does not wear a cup yet. We put him in one the first night (the store had large and regular, so I bought regular). It was way out of proportion for his small frame. He was standing in right field dancing his hips around, bouncing that bulge in front of him all over the place. It was really funny. I also heard a story of one kid who proudly wore his to school when he first got one. Michael didn't request that, thank goodness.

While Michael was playing baseball, Jonathan had rounded up about 5 other little boys to play with. Since he was the oldest, he became a little bossy telling everyone what to do, deciding who could come in (they had taken over a little green shack behind home plate), etc. I had to remind him that this was not an exclusive club and that anyone who wants to play, could play.

Sunday, after church, I sat through two soccer games (an hour each) in a tank top and got so burned that I am just today turning from red to brown. It was completely hot through both games, but as soon as the last game was over, a cloud moved over the sun and I had to put a blanket around me. Weird weather.

Well, that's about it. We go and do it all again tonight. Jonathan has soccer practice and Michael has baseball, both at 5:30. I'm so glad I remembered to put the roast in the crockpot at noon. It smells so good! And will taste great at 7:30 when we all get home.

Later Gator.