Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quiet Your Mind

I was reading in a 2nd hand copy of More magazine last night about sitting in silence without any technological distractions...letting your mind meander and relax. I've been doing that for a few minutes this morning. Very peaceful. All I hear are the snaps and buttons hitting the inside of the dryer and the hum of the refrigerator...and concrete trucks driving up and down as they build another house up the street.

Outside we are having another beautiful weather day. The sky is blue, the temperature will get up in the 70's. A perfect day for after school football and soccer practices.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Have some quiet time...it's good.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Night and It's Alright

Isn't my title so cute...all rhymy and stuff?

It's 9:30 here and I mentioned to the husband that I wished I had some home-made (?) icecream, and guess what? The icecream maker is whirring away. Four ingredients to happy, happy, happy.

Busy day today. Got up with a headache and stuffy nose so I took 2 Excedrin, 1 Sudafed, and 1 Alevert. I'm hoping to head off whatever it is I'm heading off. After that I was good. I took the kids to school; everyone had their backbacks today, yea! I went to the Y. I didn't have quite as much energy as I would have liked, but I made it through the 33 minutes on the eliptical. I ran home at 9:00 am to shred chicken that was in the crockpot, take a shower, and then run back to school with the chicken for a teacher's appreciation lunch. Met friends for lunch at a newly opened neighborhood spot; ran home for Taekwando stuff and hockey registration. Went back to school for kid's plus kid's friends; took kid to Taek for Poomse practice; took other kid and friends to mall for snacks; picked up Taek kid and went home; got dinner ready and fed 4 kids and two adults. And now I've been sitting on my butt on the computer for a couple of hours at least.

Fox news is yammering on TV. I don't mind Fox news from time to time, but it's Friday nite for crying out loud!

At least I've got icecream coming. It's all good.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm sitting here trying to not let myself go take a nap. I just got back from working out at the Y on the eliptical (BP 112/87 and pulse was 154 bpm when I was done) and then breakfast with friends.

I need to clean the upstairs, but hard to get motivated. I also need to put in a load of clothes, straighten the kitchen from breakfast, do filing in my office and declutter, and work on a website page. But I'm tired and a little sweaty, and I just don't feel like any of it. I pick up the kids in 2 hours. Could I get it all done before that? Probably most if I really kicked it in gear. After school the 6 year old has taekwando and hockey signup and I need to make the pork chops. Need some music on. Maybe that will get me going.

Ok, the dish network channel is called Sirius Big 80's. We'll see. I'm still sitting here. Both dogs are napping at my feet. Ugh, I don't like this song much. Next channel...ooo, here's one with a dance beat...my feet are tapping...gonna go clean a toilet, yea!