Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quiet Your Mind

I was reading in a 2nd hand copy of More magazine last night about sitting in silence without any technological distractions...letting your mind meander and relax. I've been doing that for a few minutes this morning. Very peaceful. All I hear are the snaps and buttons hitting the inside of the dryer and the hum of the refrigerator...and concrete trucks driving up and down as they build another house up the street.

Outside we are having another beautiful weather day. The sky is blue, the temperature will get up in the 70's. A perfect day for after school football and soccer practices.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Have some quiet time...it's good.

1 comment:

  1. What refreshment. If I can lose these folks, I'll come sit quietly beside ya on the couch. Wouldn't that be lovely? We don't have a great track record of being quiet seated next to each other, though. Re: 15 years of mbbc services...many ending in the silent, shoulder bobbing laughter that comes from holding in a guffaw. miss you