Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Balance, Stumble; Balance Again

Summer ending
Hiking beginning
Oppressive heat
Air damp
Monsoon season
Saying farewell
Tight lungs
Deep breath

Rhythmic pace
Crunching footsteps
Brown sand
Tan gravel
Black rocks
Red boulders
Small, large
Sharp, smooth
Balance, stumble
Balance again

Noisy nature
Clicking crickets
Snaps, skitters
Secretive lizards
Squawks, screeches
Twittering birds
Hissing shrub
Startled hiker
Balance, stumble
Balance again

Silvers, greens
Rough bark
Smooth stems
Swollen succulents
Isolated flowers
Ripe cacti
Soft appearance
Sharp reality
Balance, stumble
Balance again

Intense sun
Gentle sky
Whispering breeze
Promised relief
Seasons intertwined
Nature's dance
Full circle
Momentary pause
Balance, stumble
Balance again

Heated skin
Sweaty overlay
Deep breaths
Lungs expanding
Easier now
Lazy muscles
Reawakening strength
Rediscovering soreness
Balance, stumble
Balance again

Silent mind
No thinking
Awareness, presence
Only being
Watching watcher
Quietly watching
Invading thoughts
Reactive emotions
Balance, stumble
Balance again

Tomorrow's expectations
Fear, anticipation
Yesterday's recollections
Sadness, longing
Watcher witnesses
Presence returns
Thoughts flee
Peace emerges
Balance, stumble
Balance again

Friday, September 9, 2016

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow I won't sob at the memory of loneliness.

Maybe tomorrow I won't relive like it was yesterday feeling left out through my kid's eyes.

Maybe tomorrow I'll talk to him about the gift of sympathy he's been given by being the one not invited.

Maybe tomorrow.