Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fighting for Peace

This morning she woke with an intense desire to stay in bed and sleep all day. She felt the weight of tiredness, the stress of a busy schedule, and the funk and heaviness of going through the motions of existing.

Her mind bombarded her with thoughts all demanding an emotional or physical response. However, her schedule being full today meant she could not indulge these desires, and therefore, she fought her thoughts tooth and nail, moment by moment, until she was finally out the door and on her way.

She had wanted to escape. But she also knew that escaping and achieving peace through sleep, or by any other means, is only a temporary fix. She is starting to recognize that learning to quiet the thoughts in her mind, that voice that monologues all day long analyzing her every pain and discomfort, rehashing the past, worrying about the future, and stirring up her emotions might be the key towards a lasting solution.

She has not felt the intense desire to write lately, the need to unload all of these thoughts that normally torment her. Instead she has been practicing being quiet, listening instead for the still, small voice; trying to be more of an observer of these thoughts and of herself as she has these thoughts, being aware that she is NOT these thoughts, even imagining them as a separate entity from her, something she can distance herself from at will.

By creating space or distance from her thoughts (which she did unwittingly by writing about them in the third person several months back), she seems to be able to keep them from taking hold, but only if she is alert or present, and paying attention. If she relaxes, lets her guard down, and begins to just react emotionally to the thoughts as they come into her mind, before she knows it, she will be sucked into a downward spiral, a vortex of negativity and funk.

Aha! It's just so easy.

But she is finding that this is the hardest work she has ever done. She forgets all the above and gives into her thoughts, or she is at least tempted because it's easier to just go back to responding reactively, just let all the negativity in, feed the emotions as they pop up, really immerse herself in all her personal pain and the pain of the world. The injustice of it all! Ahh, that feels better (until the next thought moments later).

However, she knows that since she has become aware of something, a mystery revealed, a nugget of truth found, she really can't become unaware of it. And fortunately or unfortunately, she's had glimpses of peace, momentary pauses from just existing, maybe a peek into heaven. And she wants more. Peace of mind. Peace of thought. Peace while existing in the midst of the world's chaos, injustice, and insanity.