Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Son's Self-reported Health Status

I got a call to pick up my seven year old son at school today because he had a fever. On the way home, I asked him about his symptoms. He said, "I have a weak eye and 100% temperature."

(The school had told me he had a weeping eye and a temperature of 100 degrees.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Took a Tumble

Last Saturday we drove to a local ski mountain to ski. I've been tired of taking the same old trails down the mountain and wanted to check out a different trail on the back side.

The silly sign said it was blue, but it was a lot harder that the other blues we'd been on all day. So since it was my big idea, I felt like I had to take the initiative and lead the way down the mountain.

We were all doing great with the kids only falling a couple of times until the very bottom where it was about to flatten out. Who put those darn trenches right across the trail! All I knew is that one minute I was skiing fast and a little out of control (which is normal for me-the out of control part), and the next minute I tumbled head over heels and landed on my back with my feet in the air (ok, all you people with your mind in the comments about that); I don't know how my skis stayed on.

I turned around quickly and waved so my family didn't think I was hurt, and I see my seven year old son come cruising down the hill towards me. As he get close, he says "Mom! Are you ok? That looked DEVESTATING!"

I was so proud of his big vocabulary word I almost forgot the pain.