Thursday, April 26, 2007

This Is For The Grandmas

Hello Grandmas,

I'm sorry I have not been blogging about the kids lately. I almost forgot I had a blog. (I'm definitely a short term project girl.) So here we go again, a new attempt to create an old habit. I just need to make myself sit down and type something into this thing.

So let's talk about Michael:

  • 7 year old body with a 12 year old 'tude (attitude to the lay person)
  • Currently playing baseball with little league for the first time. He has gotten at least two hits and made it around the bases at least once that I know of.
  • Also currently playing soccer (daddy is the coach).
  • Still fired up about anything that has to do with military planes - "Dogfights" on history channel is a must see almost everyday (thanks to DVR), as well as, the periodic playing of "Battle Stations" on the XBOX
  • Has discovered a new hobby: putting together model airplanes
  • Loves to read chapter books
  • Loves to debate and negotiate with just about any adult offering him advice or instruction; not just his parents - this includes coaches and teachers. Nana, I'm guessing this probably brings back fond memories of DH as a child. Last night, Michael's baseball coach actually asked if his dad is a lawyer. I said "yes", but I must have had a confused look on my face as to why he was asking. He proceeded to hint about Michael's desire to negotiate every instruction given to him before actually performing the task.
  • Continues to be Jonathan's best friend while bordering on trying to "father" him. He likes to pass on rules that he himself has been given and impose them on Jonathan. While he may not adhere to the rule, he will always instruct Jonathan on correct behavior or duty.
  • Continues to do well in school, seems to like math the most.
  • Has been in his first fight that I know of over a soccer game on the playground. He said it was self-defense. I got called by the school staff.
  • Has many friends at school, but not really one best friend. He has a standard group of boys that he hangs around and has been to other kid's houses as well as having friends over to his house. He tends to like to boss and not be pushed around. He likes to be silly and make his friends laugh. They laugh, however, the teachers don't. He's having to learn to read his audience.
  • Michael is quietly interested in girls. He denies vehemently that there are no cute girls in his class, but he does act embarrassed and flustered when mentioning a girl in third grade named D--. Don't tell him I told you this.
Ok, and now Jonathan:
  • 5 years old and full of passion for just about everything he tries.
  • Seems to be moving on from his fixation with Star Wars toys and XBOX games and has most recently been pretending to be Spiderman. He still loves to dress up in his various Halloween costumes. We never throw one out.
  • Loves, loves, loves animals.
  • Is very caring and gentle around the 6 month old baby that I care for on Mondays and Fridays. Likes to entertain her by slapstick comedy (falling down). It seems to make her smile and laugh.
  • Still loves to sing and "play" his guitar. He is requesting lessons, so I have acquired a list of guitar instructors to call. He occasionally sings up front with the praise team with me in church.
  • Loved taekwando lessons that they had in preschool and is requesting more.
  • Currently playing soccer. He scored his first goal last week and had the greatest reaction. He was just so excited. He strutted around. Wish ya'll could have seen it.
  • He will start T-ball probably in May.
  • His last day of preschool will be May 31st and then it is on to kindergarten next fall. He is so ready. He can't wait to be at Michael's school. His best friend from preschool will also be attending and he has made friends with most of Michael's friends. They sort of treat him like a pet when he is around. His old preschool "girlfriend" that he is "going to marry" whom he still professes to love and still gets "ga-ga" eyes when he mentions her is also at this school and will be in first grade. However, she may have moved on to other "love" interests.
I'll have to add more later. It's hard to get my brain to remember things these days. But as you can see, DH and I spend a lot of time at practices and games. DH works 8-5 away from home as well as serving on various boards after work or attending meetings or Bible studies before.

I just sit around now and eat bon-bons and take naps...just kidding (at least I hope you think I'm kidding!). I do some website design and management jobs here and there that I get paid for as well as various websites that I have volunteered to design and/or manage. Maybe eventually I will pursue more paying design and managing work. The rest of my time is typical mom "work", cleaning up after everyone, laundry, groceries, yard work, managing the finances, and of course, chauffeur.

So there is my first attempt at a run-of-the-mill, "this is what we are doing today" post. Hope you didn't fall asleep.

We love our grandmas!