Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Courageous, Brave and Fearless

Who writes and doesn't envision themselves as one day being published and all the world appreciating their amazing ability to put into words an experience, feeling or observation that others can relate to? Words that conjure up emotions or empathy. Words that spur others to take action.  Words that inspire. Words that are honest. Words that make you think. Words that make you want the writer to write more.

I've wondered if I could be that kind or writer. I've wanted to be that kind of writer. I've tried to be that kind of writer.

Am I even allowed to admit this out loud?

In the past couple days I have tossed around the idea of submitting something to a local magazine.  Maybe the story of our baby, maybe something else. And then there are the voices of fear - rejection, criticism, failure. And I don't do it.

Stupid, I know. To listen to these voices. Which is why I had to write about them. Perhaps if I name them and point them out, they will relinquish their hold on me. Perhaps I can be courageous, brave and fearless instead.

That's what I really want to be.

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