Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Crisis of Faith

Sometimes I feel like everyday is a "crisis of faith".  What exactly do I believe about God in the midst of things not being easy and seemingly going very wrong.  Today I feel like I need to investigate "what does God is in control mean?" in the context of "if all things good are from God, and if He is a good God, then how come he doesn't seem to prevent bad things from happening?"

One article, Is God in Control? says,
Some sincere and well-meaning Christians would tell us that we must trust that God’s “ways are higher than our ways” (a verse usually taken grossly out of its context in Isaiah 55:7-11); that “all things work together for good” (a very poor KJV translation of Romans 8:28—the NIV is accurate and thus far more satisfying in terms of reality); that we must “take it on faith,” etc. Whoa—take what on faith? Biblically, “faith” is trust in an understandable promise. 
I wonder if his opinion is correct? I'm so sick of Christian phrases like "God has a reason for this" when applied to why crappy things happen to people.  I'm having a hard time understanding God's plan and calling Him good who would allow bad things to happen if He could prevent them.  I thought one of the results of "the Fall" is that we now know good from evil.  So I have a hard time calling something that is clearly evil, good and attributing it to God and that He did it for a reason.  Maybe I just don't understand theology very well.  And anytime I try to, I get overwhelmed with all the different opinions and interpretations out there.  But the problem is, right now, I feel like I need an answer. I need to know. Is this even possible?

Ugh. Sometimes I have too much time to think.

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