Saturday, June 30, 2007

Could It Have Been That Long?

I sat down to blog again and looked at the date of the last one. Over a month ago. That is sad. It's not that I have nothing to write about, but it's just that I never seem to have time. And then I read my friend CDJ's blog (she writes that I am busy and that is the reason I am a sporatic blogger) and realize actually I'm just lazy. I'm always in awe of how much she seems to get done in a day (or week, or month).

Anyway, I'll try to get everyone caught up. School has been out since June 6th and baseball games and all other team sports have been over since last Wednesday. Now we are just down to Taekwando two days a week.

So far since the end of school, we have been on a last minute trip to the northeast to visit family, we have camped at the lake, we have gone to the airport on the hottest day so far (96 degrees) and stood on the tarmack for 2.5 hours looking at three World War II bombers (part of the time was spent waiting for them to arrive, watching them land, as well as climbing through them), we threw Michael (7) a water gun fight themed birthday party with friends, we (Jonathan (5) and I) have gone to a Senior Pro Rodeo in Hamilton (old guys riding bulls and bareback, etc.), we have golfed (DH and I), and we have floated the river. In between times, I do laundry, clean, take the kids to the pool, mess in the flower garden, and do church stuff. Sometimes I work. And sometimes I don't.

Jonathan (5) sleeping at the airport while DH gets the rental car. Our flight got in close to midnight. He stayed asleep while we untangled him from the chairs and carried him to the hotel.

Jonathan (5) and his cousin playing around before breakfast at the lake.

Kids in front of the B24. Michael (7) has a passion for World War II planes and history. He managed to impress the old guys with his knowledge of the airplanes.

Michael (7) during his water gun fight birthday party. What a handsome young man.

Jonathan (5) and I at the rodeo. The boy has a passion for all things cowboy, from music to horses to wrangler western wear. And yes, a rare photo of his mom. He kept trying to get me to sit away from him after someone teased him that I was his date. I think he wanted to make sure all the cute, blond, 4 year olds knew he was available. And who could resist him?

And mah flowahs. The kids said Nana wanted to see them.

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  1. Your flower beds are B-eautiful! You got skills, girlie. Ever considered a carreer in landscape architecture? Can you come down to TX and do an extreme makeover on my tired, pitiful "shrub beds"? PS: you ARE busy! love you CDJ