Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can You Say Gross?

I went outside today to spend some time with the dogs and play fetch. As soon as I let them out, our four year old large white Golden went directly to a small retaining wall of boulders next to our house and started sniffing around in the crevices.

I figured he smelled some kind of critter that had been or was still hiding in one of the holes. So I kept saying in my high little, talk to the puppy voice "What is it, puppy...get it, puppy...what did you find puppy?" And he was so excited that I was playing the game so he kept running to me and running back to the holes.

So eventually, I'm thinking "OK, Lassie...your trying to show me something." So went over to see if I could see what he had found. I was then thinking he had lost some kind of nasty toy in one of the cracks. But I couldn't see anything (and there's no way I'm sticking my hand where I can't see!)

So I went back to playing fetch with the Golden and our 4 year old German Shepherd with the rubber frisbee. I would say "Bring me the toy." And usually the Shepherd was first to chase it down and bring it back to me, and then I say, "Drop it." And he puts it at my feet. The Golden never seems to have a chance. The poor thing usually makes it there in time, but he just can't seem to be quick enough to grab it first.

So this is going on and the Golden leaves the game for a second to go back to the holes. The next thing I know, I'm clapping and saying "Bring me the toy!" and the Shepherd drops the frisbee next to me and the Golden drops a dead bird.

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