Sunday, August 10, 2008

June and July

Well winter finally passed and summer finally arrived (physically, spiritually and emotionally). We have had a wonderfully peaceful and playful summer.

The kids have been involved in various camps and activities. Jonathan (6) got to restart Taekwando, went to basketball camp, and was in a Children's Theater play called "Johnny Appleseed". He was an appleseed. Michael (9) went to football camp, YMCA Broken Arrow camp, YMCA golf camp, and YMCA Mission to Mars camp. Both kids were taken to the pool too many times to count as well as to parks, on hikes, and day trips to lakes by the best mom ever.

The whole family just got back from a week up at a dude ranch preceded by a quick trip to a wedding in a neighboring state where Jonathan (6) was the proud snagger and now owner of the bride's garter. (That's a lot of "..ers", CDJ. Noticed that just for you...oh, and look at all the "..allys" and "..ullys" in the first paragraph. Now that I read that in your blog, I can't get away from seeing this stuff everywhere.)

I've eaten way too much this summer. The theme song for the "Pullups" commercial keeps marching through my head ("I'm a big girl now..."). Gotta cut back, but there are no regrets. Food was good.

The kids start two weeks of swimming lessons tomorrow and then school starts the next week on August 27th. Yes, I know swimming lessons should come before all the trips to the pool and lakes, but at least they are getting them.

This summer I've started on two projects, making dinners almost every night using the menu system and getting my house decluttered and cleaned using the system. Both have helped me overcome some (and I say some) of my poor planning and organizational skills. Baby steps, as fly lady would say...

Anyway, more later.

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  1. You are beautiful, as always! And can I say that our husbands look like they could be brothers? Has it always been that way, or does age and baldness bring it to light? (a tiny bit creepy ;) So glad you enjoyed your summer!
    love you