Monday, October 30, 2006

Cowboy at Heart

Jonathan (5) has been claiming for a couple of years now that when he grows up he wants to live at the lodge (a dude ranch where we vacation each summer) and be a wrangler. He loves to dress in the whole cowboy outfit and even has spurs for his boots. In addition to being a wrangler, he also wants to be a “rock star” (like our pastor/praise team leader) and play the guitar and sing. He often considers his guitar part of his outfit.

We have a friend who wrote the official state ballad of our state and has also written and recorded many other country and western songs about our state, cowboys, etc.

The other day our family was listening to one of his borrowed CDs in the kitchen. As usual Jonathan was trying to sing along even though he had never heard the songs before. In the middle of one of the songs, he exclaims: “Mommy, we need to buy this one!”

I said, “Does it speak to your soul?”

Jonathan (with one hand over his heart), “It makes my heart sing!”

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